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ESA offers a PUSH - Programme for Userbase Enhancement - to European New Space companies

August 29th, 2023
The initiative provides a platform for companies who are developing and providing groundbreaking space-related products and services.

The European Space Agency continues to play a leading role in supporting and promoting commercialisation in the space sector. Identified as a key priority in its Agenda 2025, ESA is taking bold steps to foster innovation and growth within the commercial space ecosystem.

As the space sector continues to evolve and grow at speed, the emergence of smaller, specialised satellites and more affordable launch costs has allowed new players to access the sector, driving down prices for space products and services and accelerating technological advancements. As part of its commitment to supporting the sector, ESA is focusing on New Space approaches and collaborating with industry partners through a number of programmes including the Programme for Userbase Enhancement (PUSH).

What is PUSH?

PUSH provides a platform for companies who are developing and providing groundbreaking space-related products and services.

Through the issue of Invitation to Tenders (ITTs), ESA invites companies to offer their innovative products and services to fellow European companies within the New Space ecosystem, using allocated funding to procure these products or services – in effect acting as a customer for the company – and then offering them for free or at discounted prices to other European companies via a competitive process. The contracted product and service provider is responsible for organising and implementing the competition.

Who can participate?

This opportunity is open to all companies with pioneering space-related services or products. The co-funding from ESA can play a pivotal role in boosting the business development prospects for both the providers and their potential customers.

To be eligible, the products or services on offer must be highly innovative and contribute to the advancement of the space industry. ESA is specifically seeking proposals that align with the following themes:

  • Theme 1: Satellite as a Service

  • Theme 2: Launch Brokerage

  • Theme 3: Satellite data as a Service

It is essential that the proposed products or services are distinctive and not readily available in the current market, and they must add value to the evolving space landscape.

How to apply

The Invitations to Tender can be found at the three following links: 

The closing date for application is September 18th, 2023.

Source: ESA

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