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ESA Risk Awareness Seminar for New Space Start-Ups

This seminar aims to provide an understanding and comprehensive overview of risks involved in the space business as a basis for space start-ups. Participants should learn to understand the real risks involved in space projects/missions and develop a broad overview of the various aspects with focus on space insurance.

A company’s success is often linked to the maturity of risk management, which lives from identifying, assessing, and handling risks. Especially in space activities, there are various sources of risk in all phases of a mission, from manufacturing to end-of-life operations. Although new developments such as downsizing, new technologies or operational concepts impose many new business opportunities, such factors also increase the challenges of managing and accessing the connected risks.  

However, managing risk is challenging when starting from scratch. As the developments of the space industry are fast-moving, risk expertise is required that can either be built up or taken from external experts such as those available in the insurance industry. 

How to join

The online event will take place on Friday, July 22, 2022 from 10:00 to 12:30 CEST. In order to participate, registration is required on the dedicated webpage.

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July 22nd, 2022
10:00 AM CEST
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