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Primavera dell’Innovazione 2022 - From Space to Earth: the use cases of the New Space Economy

Primavera dell’Innovazione 2022, organized by the Consorzio di ricerca Hypatia in collaboration with the Fondazione E. Amaldi as ESA Business Applications and ESA InCubed+ Ambassador Platform for Italy (AP-IT), is the annual conference dedicated to the analysis of trends, identification of challenges and opportunities in the field of innovation and technology transfer in Italy.

The 2022 edition, titled "From Space to Earth: the use cases of the New Space Economy", will be held at the Unione Industriali, in Turin on May 19 and will be dedicated to the analysis of the role played by space technologies in enabling new business models to support traditional industrial sectors in the context of the New Space Economy. In particular, the agenda will be divided into 5 sessions dedicated to: Agrifood-Tech, Insurtech, Energy, Finance and Transportation & Logistics.

Event overview

Which are the most competitive and interesting use cases able to integrate space technologies and meet the needs of the energy sector? How can space enhace the national and European transportation system? Which are the declinations of financial innovation in the space industry dimension? What are the challenges and perspectives of the insurance market integrated with space technologies? How have companies and start-ups addressed the issues and the challenges identified in the agrifood-tech sector? What are the best practices to follow? These are just some of the questions that PINN 2022 promises to answer and argue with guests, experts and gurus of the respective sectors.

Each session will aim to turn a national and international spotlight on these issues, deepen the current and future projects, cultivate new innovation, network with stakeholders and showcase available space solutions. Investors, institutional and industrial representatives of traditional sectors will confront with startups, SMEs and large companies operating in the space sector contributing and encouraging cross-fertilization. Under the lens of the 2022 edition will be the launch of competitive calls for ideas to stimulate technology transfer development and its commercial uptake.

The event will be bilingual, in Italian and English language.

How to join

The live event will take place at Unione Industriali Torino (via Manfredo Fanti 17, 10128 Turin, Italy) on May 19, 2022 from 09:00 to 18:00 CEST. In order to participate, registration is required on Eventbrite.

For further details please visit: primaverainnovazione.eu

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May 19th, 2022
09:00 – 18:00 CEST
Unione Industriali Torino, via Manfredo Fanti 17, 10128 Turin, Italy
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