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Volta Structural Energy raises €1 million in a capital increase led by Tech4Planet and Leonardo

January 22nd, 2024
The Italian start-up, incubated in ESA BIC Turin, develops cutting-edge structural batteries: a patented technology with the potential to revolutionise multiple sectors.

Volta Structural Energy, a deeptech start-up at the forefront of structural battery technology, announced the completion of a €1 million seed investment round. The deal was led by Tech4Planet, the Italian National Technology Transfer Centre for Environmental Sustainability set up by CDP Venture Capital, and Leonardo S.p.A., a global high-tech leader in the aerospace, defence and security sectors.

Incubated in I3P and part of ESA BIC Turin, Volta Structural Energy specialises in the development of cutting-edge structural batteries: structural panels that can be used to make aircraft, car or ship frames that synergistically integrate energy storage capabilities thanks to the materials they are made of.

A revolutionary technology

The innovative and highly integrated approach of Volta's multifunctional systems makes it possible to utilise the masses and volumes of structures such as the roof of a car, the fuselage and floors of an aircraft or the hull of a boat to store electrical energy. This reduces to the point of eliminating the need for conventional battery packs, which are in effect bulky payloads with very high masses, and which significantly limit the achievable range.

The result is the possibility of maximising the amount of energy that can be stored, and consequently the autonomy, in a given system, without affecting its mass or the volume needed to transport passengers or goods. Volta combines its innovative architecture with state-of-the-art ion-sodium-based chemistry that enables high safety, durability and a renewed supply chain based on abundant and sustainable elements. This in-house know-how positions Volta Structural Energy as the only Italian company and among the first in Europe to develop energy storage technologies that focus on the great potential of sodium chemistry.

Volta's patented technology therefore has the potential to revolutionise various transport sectors by offering a lightweight and efficient energy storage solution that not only improves the performance of current electrical systems but can also enable the energy transition of sectors still dependent on fossil fuels, such as the aviation, shipbuilding and heavy land transport industries.

The development of the project

The €1 million investment will allow Volta Structural Energy to step up its research and development efforts, enabling the company to accelerate the commercialisation of its revolutionary technology. The funds raised will support key initiatives, including upgrading its prototypes, expanding its research team and rigorous testing to ensure the reliability and efficiency of its structural battery systems.

"We are thrilled to have Tech4Planet and Leonardo S.p.A. on board as top-tier strategic partners in our journey to advance structural battery technology with the goal of providing the transportation industry with new tools to support the energy transition," said Tommaso Randolfi, Co-Founder & CEO of Volta Structural Energy. "This fundraising is a testament to the confidence investors have in our vision and the great potential of our innovative solutions."

"We believe Volta Structural Energy's approach to structural batteries aligns perfectly with our mission to invest in sustainable and impactful deeptech start-ups," said Claudia Pingue, Senior Partner and Head of Technology Transfer Fund at CDP Venture Capital. "We are confident that this investment will contribute to the development of cleaner and more efficient energy storage solutions that can enable electrification in complex sectors such as aerospace and heavy transport."

Tech4Planet is the Italian National Technology Transfer Centre for Sustainability, set up on initiative of CDP Venture Capital to promote market access and the growth of new enterprises conceived within research laboratories, particularly in the sectors of energytech, circular economy, sustainable manufacturing, smart mobility and water management. Tech4Planet was established in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano and involves Politecnico di Torino and Politecnico di Bari as scientific promoters. The incubators I3P, PoliHub and BINP are involved as entrepreneurial partners, accompanying the research teams in carrying out technical and business feasibility studies of their projects. Among the co-investors part of Tech4Planet are Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, A2A, Iren and Neva SGR, as well as the corporate partner Joule, the business school of ENI and Snam.

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