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Focoos AI

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Computer Vision applications on low-power devices such as satellites or drones presents significant challenges for aerospace companies. Traditional AI models are often oversized, requiring substantial computational resources and energy. Focoos AI provides cutting-edge software that, based on customer requirements for the application, hardware, and data, automatically designs and trains customized optimized neural networks, eliminating the need for expensive hardware, reducing labor-intensive tasks, and minimizing human errors. This technology significantly reduces energy consumption, improves operational efficiency, and enables AI and real-time data processing directly on the devices themselves.

The strength of Focoos AI's software lies in two key technologies. The first one creates customized neural architectures based on specific application requirements, target hardware, and data. The second technology fine-tunes these architectures with user data, reducing manual labor and human errors. Compared to conventional methods, Focoos AI's software delivers ready-to-use models that are 10 times smaller, 5 times faster, while maintaining the same level of accuracy.