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Kurs Orbital

Kurs Orbital expands human activities beyond Earth by providing spacecraft on-orbit servicing.

The start-up's fleet of reusable servicers, located in different orbits, will enable satellite life extension and space debris removal missions, securing safe and sustainable orbits for generations to come.

Based on the Kurs rendezvous-acquisition system, responsible for more than 65% of all successful dockings in space since 1985, the on-orbit servicing platform helps satellite operators to clear key orbits of debris and to receive $100K of additional revenues per day, extending their satellites commercial lifetime and performance.

Kurs Orbital's uniquely experienced team of 20 engineers and scientists, with over 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing automatic rendezvous systems, have achieved 300 successful dockings in space with Soyuz - Progress vehicles to MIR and ISS.