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Founded in 2020, Novac is poised to revolutionize the energy storage for the mobility and aerospace sectors by enhancing efficiency and quality through supercapacitors. The goal is to develop a shapeable solid-state supercapacitor that can be easily embedded into the structure of any vehicle or aircraft. The synergy of supercapacitors and batteries offers numerous benefits, including reduced battery size and extended lifecycle.

Novac's supercapacitor solid-state feature ensures safer usage and a broader temperature tolerance. Remarkably, the supercapacitor's significantly longer lifespan compared to batteries makes it ideal for prolonged space missions, potentially spanning decades. This technology could be pivotal in powering spacecrafts for deep space explorations or long-duration missions to Mars. Its application in satellites, like those used in SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) systems, could enhance their operational efficiency and longevity, ensuring reliable long-term Earth observation and data transmission from space.