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Space Cargo Unlimited

Fostered by the New Space dynamic, the technological advances and falling operational costs of next-generation pressurized space vehicles, Space Cargo Unlimited is dedicated to leveraging the potential of in-space manufacturing together with the space-microgravity for commercial applications on Earth and space exploration.

The company, headquartered in Turin, Italy, is dedicated to the development, in partnership with Thales Alenia Space Italy, of REV1, a pressurized LEO infrastructure taking the form of a returnable free-flying spacecraft, to perform a variety of in-orbit activities, with a focus on in-space manufacturing.

Together with its sister company, Space Biology in France, Space Cargo Unlimited will enable the development of the project Officina REV in Turin to secure the development of the upcoming infrastructure, including the Bento-Box, as a smart innovative cargo-bay infrastructure with a agnostic design from the orbital infrastructure.