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SpaceMotionery offers a wide range of innovative, low-cost equipment for cubesat testing and for space science education.

In the emerging market of cubesats, there is a largely unsatisfied need for appropriate testing equipment, often resulting in inadequate or omitted testing, and consequent high rate of mission failures. SpaceMotionery aims to allow the cubesat developers community to implement appropriate testing campaigns without affecting the low-cost approach.

The start-up will offer an innovative set of test equipment such as: Sun Simulator, Solar Cell Characterizer, Microgravity gauge, Attitude Test Bench, Star-sensor Test Bench, Gas Propulsion System Test Bench, Thermo-Vacuum chamber (heater/cooler), and ancillary devices and tools for self-calibration, data acquisition, test design, with a friendly and configurable HMI for both PC and mobile.