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Venturing in space: apply your space-related project to ESA BIC Turin's open call

June 12th, 2023
Submit your business idea by September 8th, 2023: the selected projects will receive a €50,000 grant, business coaching, technological support, access to a wide partner network and much more.

Who knows what the next big thing in Space Economy will be? New technologies and innovations are able to open up market opportunities, shape the future of the space sector - also influencing many other ones on Earth - and create long-lasting economic impact.

ESA BIC Turin is looking for fresh ideas and viable projects to accompany on the path to commercial success: if you wish to get your space-connected business plan off the ground and gain international reach through the European Space Agency, be sure to catch this opportunity and to apply to the open call!

More about the program

ESA BIC Turin is a zero-equity incubation program which supports the birth and development of new innovative companies based on space technologies, with both upstream and downstream applications. The program, managed by I3P with the scientific and technological support of Politecnico di Torino and LINKS Foundation, offers financial incentives, strategic business consulting, scientific and technological support for the development of products and services, and direct access to a wide network of highly qualified partners.

Currently, it is possible to apply for the ESA BIC Turin incubation program, aimed at innovative start-ups in the space sector, until September 8th, 2023, which is the next cut-off date for the open call. After the evaluation process, the selected companies will become part of the largest Space Economy community in Europe and will receive a financial contribution of €50,000, for both product development and intellectual property management, as well as business coaching and mentoring servicestechnological supportassistance in fundraising activities and access to a vast network of partners, including large companies, investment funds and research institutions of international relevance.

You can apply to ESA BIC Turin as an individual, as a team or as a company. More in detail, application to the incubation program is open to space-related start-ups not older than five years, or founding teams with the intention to incorporate the start-up. ESA BIC Turin accepts applications from citizens or companies from any ESA membership country.

To find out more and apply your project by September 8th to join the incubation program, please visit the dedicated page or contact us.

The start-ups welcomed so far

The start-up community of ESA BIC Turin has rapidly grown since the launch of the initiative at the end of 2021: over 15 young companies - the latest selected have yet to be announced! - have joined the program to develop their innovative technology, to be supported in the fundraising phase and to bring their products and services on the international markets.

Here below you can find a summary of their pioneering projects:

  • AdapTronics is a deep tech start-up that produces adaptive mechatronic devices for more sustainable logistics, for Earth and space applications such as in-orbit servicing and space debris removal.

  • Astradyne has developed an innovative technology which reinforces Flex PCBs (flexible printed circuit boards) with textile material and acts as enabler for a variety of deployable systems.

  • DBSpace is setting a new industry standard in space liquid and hybrid propulsion, bringing electrification to the world of turbopumps to support launch vehicle, rocket and spacecraft engine manufacturers.

  • Evolunar intends to meet the need for standard, flexible, low-cost and fast to deploy nano drones for lunar exploration, in particular towards hard-to-access sites like lunar lava tubes, craters and PSRs.

  • Hipparcos intends to provide the best answer to the increasing demand for miniaturized Attitude Determination and Control Systems (ADCS) that are accurate, reliable, robust and low cost.

  • Kurs Orbital expands human activities beyond Earth by providing rendezvous and docking technology to start-ups and companies which would like to offer in-orbit servicing or logistics missions.

  • Mespac is a service suite that delivers highly accurate, continuous and spatially-refined wind, wave and other metocean information for project development, financing and operation.

  • Nabu develops IoT and data analysis solutions to improve sustainability and efficiency in water management in agriculture - which accounts for 70% of the world's water consumption.

  • Orbital Outpost Italy will design, assemble, integrate, test and sell products for energy storage & water electrolysis, aiming to become a major provider of critical resources in space.

  • REA is specialized in design, research and development of clothing, wearables and protective tools for humans in space, offering astronauts a solution to face long journeys without health issues.

  • Space V owns the international patents of the Adaptive Multilayer Greenhouse (AMG) architecture, which holds the promise of greatest efficiency in producing fresh vegetable food in space settlements.

  • SpaceMotionery offers a wide range of innovative, low-cost equipment for cubesat testing and for space science education, answering a growing need in the rapidly emerging market of cubesats.

  • Stratobotic fills the gap between space and ground infrastructures: CubeHAPS is a small and reusable High Altitude Pseudo Satellite (HAPS) that operates in swarm at 20 km of altitude.

  • Synchropal guarantees maximum protection, safety and precision against jamming, meaconing and spoofing attacks in timing and synchronization certification systems.

  • Volta Structural Energy develops and commercialize structural batteries: composite sandwich panels able to store electrical energy inside the materials through electrochemical reactions.

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