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Meet ESA BIC Turin and its community of space start-ups at ADM Torino 2023

November 23rd, 2023
From November 28th to 30th, Aerospace & Defense Meetings Torino 2023 will explore the key challenges and business opportunities of the future of aerospace: ESA BIC Turin and several of its start-ups will be there to meet industry stakeholders, corporates, investors and institutions.

As the only international matchmaking event for the aerospace and defense industry currently held in Italy, Aerospace & Defense Meetings Torino 2023 offers the chance to meet, build up targeted business relations and develop new projects with partners from all over the world.

The Italian aerospace industry - seventh largest in the world and fourth in Europe, with a turnover of over €14 billion and a workforce of more than 47,000 highly specialized employees - represents the largest manufacturing sector in the country in the field of high-tech integrated systems. ADM Torino connects OEMs and their Tier 1 & 2 suppliers with manufacturers and service providers from both civil and defense aviation, through tailored one-to-one meetings, adding a full programme of conference sessions and a unique Lunar Economy Summit which involves speakers from ESA, NASA, ASI and many global leaders of the aerospace industry.

ESA BIC Turin at ADM Torino 2023

Starting from November 28th at 1:30 PM (CET) up to November 30th at 6:30 PM in Oval Lingotto, the business convention will see the participation of ESA BIC Turin, the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre managed by I3P with the scientific and technological support of Politecnico di Torino and LINKS Foundation, together with a large group of its incubated start-ups, ready to showcase their innovative projects in the field of space technology.

The young companies which will be present at the business convention are:

  1. Astradyne, which has developed an innovative technology named FRET (flexible, reinforced, electronics with textile) to reinforce Flex PCBs (flexible printed circuit boards) with textile material and act as enabler for a variety of deployable systems;

  2. DBSpace, a start-up developing high-performance e-pumps for small-size engines, with the mission of enabling more cost-effective, flexible, sustainable and reliable propulsion for access and mobility in space;

  3. Evolunar, which intends to meet the need for standard, flexible, low-cost and fast to deploy nano drones for lunar exploration with its LuNaDrone, a 15 kg, shoebox-sized spacecraft capable of flying autonomously in the lunar near-surface environment;

  4. Focoos AI, a company providing cutting-edge software that automatically designs and trains customized optimized neural networks, eliminating the need for expensive hardware, reducing labor-intensive tasks, and minimizing human errors;

  5. Hipparcos, which aims to provide the best answer to the space industry's rising need for accurate, reliable, robust and low-cost Attitude Determination and Control Systems (ADCS);

  6. Kurs Orbital, a start-up providing rendezvous and docking technology to companies which would like to offer in-orbit servicing or logistics missions, but cannot afford the development time and cost for this technology;

  7. Novac, which focuses its research efforts on the realization of an innovative solid-state supercapacitor to obtain much safer batteries, and with a much wider temperature range, suitable for use in long space journeys that can last even tens of years;

  8. Orbital Outpost Italy, a company which aims to become a major provider of critical resources in space - such as pressurized hydrogen and oxygen, water, heat and energy - by designing, assembling, integrating, testing and selling products for energy storage & water electrolysis;

  9. REA, which is specialized in design, research and development of clothing, wearables and protective tools for humans in space, as its mission is to offer astronauts a solution to face long journeys in space without physiological and biochemical issues;

  10. SpaceV, a spin-off of the University of Genoa owning the international patents of the “Adaptive Multilayer Greenhouse” (AMG) architecture and thus holding the promise of greatest efficiency in producing fresh vegetable food in space settlements;

  11. Stratobotic, which offers satellite-like services, as telecommunication and Earth observation, complementing and enhancing the already existing space-based services, through its CubeHAPS, a small and reusable High-Altitude Pseudo-Satellite;

  12. Synchropal, a start-up guaranteeing maximum protection, safety and precision against jamming, meaconing and spoofing attacks in timing and synchronization certification systems;

  13. Volta Structural Energy, which develops and commercializes structural batteries - composite sandwich panels able to store electrical energy inside the materials - able to ensure mass and volume reduction while providing very high power and ultra-long cyclability.

Come and meet us!

ESA BIC Turin and most of the start-ups from its community will be present within the Startup Area of the business convention, at the very center of Oval Lingotto.

Within that specific area, the start-ups' numbered desks will be as follows:

  • Astradyne: desk n°4

  • DBSpace: desk n°5

  • Evolunar: desk n°8

  • Focoos AI: desk n°9

  • Hipparcos: desk n°10

  • Kurs Orbital: desk n°12

  • Novac: desk n°14

  • Orbital Outpost Italy: desk n°15

  • REA: desk n°16

  • Stratobotic: desk n°20

  • Synchropal: desk n°21

  • Volta Structural Energy: desk n°23

Read more about the event on its official website, including the full agenda and conference schedule: if you register to join it, make sure to visit the Startup Area and discover more about the young innovative companies from ESA BIC Turin.

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